Learn How You Can Benefit From the Titleist Performance Institute Screening (TPI)

If you are a golfer and suffer from various aches and pains experienced while practicing the sport, the Titleist Performance Institute Screening (TPI) may be just what you've been looking to find. The Titleist Performance Institute, based in Oceanside, CA has spent years developing a comprehensive screening for golf fitness and conditioning. Some of the best professional golfers in the world use the TPI to help their game and their comfort. And, under the care of a certified TPI practitioner, you too can experience the great benefits this system offers. The TPI screening both identifies areas that affect a person's swing and the movement problems that cause pain. By providing a full picture of your body, TPI screening is a phenomenal tool that shouldn't be pulled from your bag.

What Is The Titleist Performance Institute?

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) began in 2003 as an education and research foundation focusing on the human body’s movement in relation to the game of golf. Using years of data compiled from the study of thousands of golf enthusiasts, TPI has discovered how physical limitations can lead to pain and injury when a person’s swing is left uncorrected. TPI developed a certification program for medical professionals to provide the TPI screening and the education to improve a person’s game, eliminate their pain, and prevent the likelihood of injury.

What Is The Titleist Performance Institute Screening?

The screening was developed by the top experts in the fields of medicine and golf and consists of a thorough examination to evaluate the body and pinpoint issues that could be negatively affecting your body and your golf score. Multiple tests are given at different levels of screenings, and specific treatment and exercise programs are then implemented to help correct the tests in which a person struggled. The tests are designed to address any limitations and reveal issues with flexibility, strength, coordination, and balance. Based on the results, a certified professional will help to prioritize the items that require correction to best suit each unique situation. Often, several issues can be addressed at once; however a long-term plan can address most or all of the areas that are in need of improvement. There are two levels of the assessment that focus on fundamental movement patterns including: 
  • Posture and pelvic tilting
  • Rotational pelvic movement
  • Torso rotation
  • Ability to perform a deep overhead squat
  • Hamstring mobility and hip flexion
  • Shoulder mobility
  • Balance
  • Lat. mobility
  • Internal and external hip rotation
  • Trunk rotation
  • Gluteal strength

What Are The Benefits Of A Selective Functional Movement Assessment?

Golf requires various actions and movements that demand muscular strength, joint flexibility, and movement coordination. Most individuals have limitations they may not even realize are present. A TPI assessment helps find these limitations and provide the tools needed to correct or improve them. One of the most obvious benefits is that your golf game will likely improve. More importantly, however, the TPI assessment can help to prevent your risk of injury and reduce or eliminate pain caused by improper movement.

What Does The Screening Involve?

A TPI screening begins with the one-on-one consultation and testing to determine the weak areas. Time is spent educating you on the provider’s areas of concern and developing a customized system for improvement. The provider will deliver a full report of the results explaining them in relation to your golf swing. Furthermore, a baseline fitness handicap is used to monitor improvement over time. TPI exercises will be demonstrated and explained, and a TPI web account is provided to help you along the way. Your account allows you access to exercise libraries, workout plans, golf health and fitness information.

Why Accelerate Chiropractic?

At Accelerate Chiropractic, we can effectively diagnose, educate you on the issue, and successfully treat the underlying cause of your struggles by using TPI Screening. Not only can we help you improve your golf game, we are also dedicated to preventing injury, eliminating your pain, and restoring your mobility for improved quality of life.

Dr. Dave Yancey and Dr. Erika Yancey understand the conditions that can be revealed by The TPI Screening, and they are passionate about your care. Learn about our experience and contact us today to schedule your personalized consultation. It is time to reclaim the freedom that comes with mobility and comfort through Accelerate Chiropractic’s care.

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