Whiplash is a general term that is used to describe pain due to injuries caused that affect the soft tissue of the neck area. The term whiplash is not a specific medical term; however it is commonly used to explain the pain caused by cervical acceleration or deceleration (CAD). Most often, the ligaments, tendons, and muscles are the source of the injury. Whiplash is a common result following automobile accidents, and it is often result of other types of accidents such as falls and physical or sports activities as well. Acute injury is not the only cause of whiplash however. Chronic stress or strain on the tissues of the neck, such as using the neck to hold a phone, can also lead to whiplash. The severity of the injury is varied, but in most cases individuals can recover without chronic pain in as little as two to three weeks. More severe cases can take longer, but all require proper chiropractic care and treatment to minimize the symptoms and restore full function.

Whiplash Symptoms

Most symptoms related to whiplash will present themselves within 24 to 48 hours of the actual injury or strain. It is a condition that affects individuals of all ages; however women tend to be more likely at risk of experiencing whiplash. There are a number of tell-tale symptoms that are experienced signifying a whiplash injury may have occurred. These symptoms include13866052723_2020820f89_z stiffness and pain in the area of the neck, headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, general weakness of the body, and a feeling of fatigue or being tired. In some cases, people have experienced a difficulty in concentrating and have also experienced some degree of memory loss. For others, a light ringing in the ears, in conjunction with other symptoms has also been a common concern. If you experience a spreading of the pain from the neck to the shoulders or arms, if you feel arm tingling, or if your arms and hands become numb, it is important to call your chiropractor right away to reduce or eliminate the possibility of chronic issues from more serious conditions.

Whiplash Treatment

Chiropractic care provides a number of options to help relieve and eliminate the symptoms related to whiplash relatively quickly and efficiently. Education is an important component and your chiropractic team can provide the information to best treat your specific case. It is important to learn movements and exercises to help heal and strengthen the soft tissues of the neck and the use of ice or heat can be helpful to prevent muscle spasms. Chiropractic adjustments have been demonstrated as the most effective treatment, and in some cases a physical therapy plan can also be a great help. Alhough it is rare, medical treatment is occasionally needed, and the use of anti-inflammatories and other pain medications may be used for short-term relief. These medications should only be used in conjunction with proper chiropractic care so regular function can be restored.

Accelerate Chiropractic Can Relieve Your Whiplash!

At Accelerate Chiropractic, we are able to effectively diagnose, educate you on the issue, and successfully treat the underlying cause of your whiplash. We are dedicated to restoring your mobility and quality of life, and we work closely with you to develop and implement a treatment plan that reduces or eliminates your hip pain as quick and non-invasive as possible.

Dr. Dave Yancey and Dr. Erika Yancey are skilled and trained in the conditions that cause whiplash, and are passionate about your care. Learn about our experience and contact us today to schedule your personalized consultation. It’s time to reclaim the freedom that comes with mobility and comfort through Accelerate Chiropractic’s care.
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